大多数其他准备程序是一bob电子竞技app个尺寸适合所有人。 They treat you the same as every other student. This doesn't make sense - if you're strong in one subject but weak in another, why should you get the same program as every other student?

随着Prebob电子竞技apppScholar,我们所关注的对象,这将使你的分数最大的区别你的注意力。 We want你学习的每一小时,尽可能有效- 定制是我们如何做到这一点。


  • 我们非常关心的学习行为。 We've built unique program features to激励你学习更多。 You'll get regular progress reports, reminders to study, and feedback on how you're doing.
  • 我们有最真实的测试内容可在任何地方。 All our test content writers are 99th percentile scorers and experienced teachers of the SAT. We understand the test like no other company.



如何在SAT 160点保障工作?

我们的观点保障是非常简单的。 First, you need to have taken an official SAT before joining PrepScholar. We use only official tests to compare scores. (Some other companies use their own easier practice tests as the starting score, which artificially increases your score improvement).

接下来,你需要在正式测试之前完成该计划。 If you can reach this level of achievement, you'll be in amazing shape for the test.

这就是它 - 如果你不按照保证你的官方SAT提高,你得到所有你的钱


那么我们建议您不断更新你的学生的进步主要有两种途径。 First, PrepScholar sends out在学生活动每周报告。 This report tells you the how much time was spent on PrepScholar, how many lessons were completed, and more. This gives you a weekly sync up.

每个星期,我们还要求学生填写一份学习计划该周,随着日期和时间,他们计划研究。 You can use this to check whether your child is following the plan.





一般来说,大多数学校现在都接受同样的,所以你不必只是采取两项测试的录取优势。 Also, most students perform very comparably on both tests, even though the SAT and ACT have different formats.

在Prbob电子竞技appepScholar我们必须为我们的SAT和ACT课程的准备了巨大的成功。 We recommend that you choose one test as your primary focus and concentrate your studying for that single test.


我们推荐的方式,你摸不着头脑(如推荐文章)是采取两个全长实践的检验,看看你会做的更好的哪一个。 You'll need to research the schools you want to apply to and see how your score on each test matches up with the school's expectations.

许多有抱负的学生尝试做两个SAbob体育竞技ios下载T和ACT的同时学习,PrepScholar有很大帮助协调你的学习计划。bob电子竞技app We recommend you start off with one PrepScholar test program, then join the program for the other test when you feel you’re ready to add it on.

我需要有关SAT / ACT或大学申请咨询。

我们知道SAT / ACT预科和bob电子竞技app大学申请过程中可能会造成混淆。



你会找到你世界上最好的文章在SAT / ACT准bob电子竞技app备,AP课程,大学录取,等等。 If you have a question about high school academics, chances are we've answered it.



我们希望你能确保PrepScholar是您正确的准备程序bob电子竞技app。 That's why every PrepScholar program has a 5-day risk-free trial.


  • 您免费试用报名。
  • 为期5天的周期开始学生完成诊断之后。 This means you can sign up today, and the timer only starts with the student has a chance to try PrepScholar.
  • 如果你喜欢PrepSchbob电子竞技appolar,并希望留在作为一个学生,没有什么你需要做的。 We'll charge your card, and you'll become a full PrepScholar student.
  • 要取消,只是联系我们的支持团队,并说要取消。 You won't be charged.



只是创建您的帐户并开始免费试用。 You'll get a step-by-step introduction to PrepScholar, then take your diagnostic!


在理想情况下,我们通常建议大多数学生投入至少40个小时的学习时间为基准,包括实践的检验。bob体育竞技ios下载 This time can be split up in a way that’s most convenient. If you have two months to study, then 5 hours per week is a good target. If you have less time, then you should try to study more each week. If you have more time, you are welcome to study less each week. Students are never hindered from working more than 5 hours a week, nor are they penalized for working less.

但是,请你注意,个人的学习时间不同,所以有些学生可以填写以下40小时节目的方式,而其他人将无法40小时才能完成。bob体育竞技ios下载 Completion is based on finishing lessons and not any explicit time metric.

即使你是不是能够把在40小时内,你仍然会看到很大的成绩。 We’ve had students who studied just 20 hours with us and made large gains to their score.

当然,花更多的时间学习,更好的结果将。 We have students who study upwards of 100 hours and they tend to do much better than those who study 20.

对于实践的检验,我们尽量推荐完成真正的考验前至少2个实践检验,3,如果在所有可能的。 This allows you really get used to the format of the exam. Most importantly, you should take the practice test under realistic conditions and not give yourself any extra time or breaks.

最终,我们的计划工作的基础上对考试,每节课学生确实在PrepScholar程序中的所有可测试的技能将致力于这些可测试的技能之一。bob电子竞技app Once a student makes their way through the skill lessons in PrepScholar, they’ll be in good shape to rock the test!



我们给予作文教学的两条有效途径。 First, we provide detailed strategy lessons about how to excel on the essay, teaching you how to prepare for the range of topics, how to structure your essay, and how to prepare examples for any essay topic.

其次,每次训练试验之后,我们提示你在你的文章发送。 Our head instructor grades the essay and gives you detailed feedback on how to improve your score. This is unique to us as a program (many other programs don’t offer essay grading at all, or use a computerized algorithm that isn’t accurate), and many students benefit from the expert grading.


我们发现,对于PSAT学习的最好方法是使用我们的SAT项目。 Our SAT program targets the PSAT because the content is identical to the SAT. The PSAT is just shorter and has some minor format changes. Many people prep for the PSAT and the SAT at the same time using PrepScholar SAT.



是! PrepScholar offers the Complete Online Program for both the SAT and the ACT. We also have an option to add one-on-one tutoring to your program to supplement your student’s learning.

我们的辅导包加上一个头PrepScholar家教1对1授课时间。bob电子竞技app All our tutors have scored in the 99th percentile on the test, so they've mastered the material. Furthermore, they all have extensive teaching experience, so they actually know how to teach difficult concepts to you.

bob体bob电子竞技app育竞技ios下载谁与PrepScholar辅导学生平时看到两大好处。 First, they have the chance to ask as many questions as they like. Miss a question in PrepScholar but not sure how to solve it from the explanation? Your tutor will walk you through the steps and make sure you master the question. Second, your tutor will be able to diagnose patterns in the mistakes that you’re learning. You’ll get customized strategies to overcome your weak points and boost your score.

辅导通过Skype在线交付。 To improve teaching efficacy, we also employ webcams, overhead cameras and whiteboards. This helps the tutor work through problems and strategies.

因为你的家教与在线准备程序组合完成,每一个辅导小时是有效得多。bob电子竞技app Your tutor will plan in detail so that every tutoring session is maximally effective at boosting your score. Even though our cost might be a bit higher than the average tutor, our tutors are better, and we deliver better results in less time.





注意:您当前PrepScholar客户?bob电子竞技app到达我们这里最好的办法是通过你的程序 -登录并单击帮助。 This will help us verify your account for security and speed up your support.

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